We fabricate a comprehensive range of technical ceramics such as rods, translators, tubes, pipes and more. They exhibit high durability, corrosion resistance, low friction and ideal in intensity. They are fabricated from superior material in accordance with the requirement and specification of our esteem clients. Our range encompasses the following
Grinding Media  

High Alumina 90 - 99.8%

Stabilised Zirconia etc

Ceramic Rings  

Semiconductors Ceramics, 

Electron Ceramic tube components,

Sensor Ceramics, Chemical Ceramics,

Ceramics for chemical Industries,

Chemical Seals,

Ceramics for Food & Beverage Handling equipments,

Ceramics for Machine – to – Print Services
Tubes, Rods & Nozzels  

Fluid Handling ceramic Components, 

High Temperature Application ceramic,

Ceramic for Laser Equipments,

Pump Products – Pumps , Valves , Packing

Ceramic Centrifugal Pumps ,

Chemical Resistant Ceramic Products

Thermal Ceramic

Wear Resistant Products  

Ceramic Brick linings,

Ceramic Wear Tile Liners,

Ceramic Wire Drawing Products,

Ceramic Products for Pulp & Paper processing industries

ceramic products for coal processing &  mining  industries, 

Engineering Products  

Ceramic Precision machining for electronics,

Precision Ceramic,

Advanced Alumina Ceramics,

Zirconia Ceramic Products

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